27 September 2010

Kuroshitsuji: Ciel Phantomhive 05

kuroshitsuji cosplay - ciel phantomhive 05 from comiket 2010Although usually appearing to be emotionless, Ciel occasionally expresses his concern for the well-being of those who are close to him. He sometimes portrays himself as a happy person especially when undercover, but soon returns to his true self. Ciel is highly reliant on Sebastian, his butler, and does not appear to interact with the other servants of the Phantomhive Household as often, although they are all devoted to him.

Beautiful cosplay! The attention to detail is stunning and I believe this an artwork from the series’ soundtrack or drama CD. Thanks to Kuro-chan for sending this!


  1. crap. if I had kids, I'd want one of them to look like that D:

  2. You want them to look like Ciel? :o

  3. lawl why not? :D pretty awesome looking for a boy <3