13 May 2009

Kuroshitsuji: Ciel Phantomhive 03

kuroshitsuji / black butler cosplay - ciel phantomhive 03Losing everything he had at a very young age, Ciel makes a contract with a demon he calls Sebastian Michaelis to gain his revenge in exchange for his soul. He is portrayed to be emotionless and driven to achieve his goal by any means necessary. However, as the series progresses, he confesses to being the way he is so that he will not lose anything, or rather, anyone important to him ever again.

I believe there's a similar manga illustration that shows Ciel holding a skull. I can't remember which chapter that was though. It makes me wonder if that thing the cosplayer is holding is a real skull.

EDIT: Oh, the art similar to this cosplay was first seen on Kuroshitsuji Chapter 13. Thanks to the anon who left a comment!


  1. he hold's the skull in chapter 13 ^ ^

  2. Thanks very much for the info! I'll make note of it on the entry. ^^

  3. wah~~
    so cool the cosplay~~

  4. cool!!!....may i know who he is?
    i want to follow his update..he looks awesome!!!....i like the outfit

  5. lol, roses on a skull...It's really good tho, his expression and eyes make him, more, well, Cielish.

  6. Caeme: I'll be sure to post a link to his/her website as soon as I find out who the cosplayer is. (`・ω・´)”

    Anon: I think this came from one of the manga's chapter covers? It wasn't a colored illustration though. ヾ(。・ω・。)