01 May 2009

Ranma 1/2: Kuonji Ukyo

ranma 1/2 cosplay - kuonji ukyoWhen Ranma was around 6 years of age, he lived in the same village as Ukyo and often played together as children. Whenever they fought, Ukyo's father would give Ranma some okonomiyaki if he wins. Needless to say, Ranma always won, but he actually had no idea Ukyo was a girl at the time.

Ukyo's father eventually had the idea of arranging the marriage between the two. Genma, Ranma's father, agreed at first, but remembered his promise to his friend, Suon. When Genma asked Ranma which he liked better, okonomiyaki or Ukyo, Ranma chose okonokiyaki because he was eating it at the time. Genma ran away from the village with Ranma and the okonomiyaki cart, causing ridicule and teasing for poor Ukyo.

Deciding she truly was not feminine enough to keep her own fiancé, she focuses on okonomiyaki-style martial arts and dressed like a boy, vowing to seek revenge against the Saotomes. When she and Ranma meet again, however, she falls in love all over again once they had reconciled.

Ukyo is one of the less violent suitors of Ranma's and perhaps the most mature. Sadly, Ranma only sees her as a friend.

Very cute cosplay! I think she's one of my most favorite characters from the series because of her personality. Nice work on this!

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