05 September 2007

Yu Yu Hakusho: Minamino Shuichi aka Kurama

yu yu hakusho cosplay - minamino shuichi aka youko kuramaYu Yu Hakusho… One of the classic and one of the most influential animes of our time, and from the same creator as “Hunter x Hunter“. A half-demon spirit detective that goes into the demon world in order to keep peace in the human world, is joined by his best friend, another half-demon, and a full-fledged demon.

Kurama also known as the human boy “Minamino Shuichi” is the half-demon who, in the previous life, was once known as Youko Kurama, the Thief King. In order to escape death after being critically wounded, he transported his soul to the human world to inhabit the body of an unborn baby. Although he planned to leave his human family when his powers returned, he’s grown to love his mother, Shiori, and simply could not leave her behind.

Beautiful cosplay! The cosplayer really got Kurama’s hair and clothes! This is probably one of my most favorite cosplays and anime characters ever.


  1. Awesome cosplay..^^
    i Love Kurama..:)

    anyone knows the cosplayer's real name?

  2. I'd like to know that too. >.<;;;

  3. i love dennis :))