19 September 2007

Hunter x Hunter: Kuroro Lucifer

hunter x hunter cosplay - kuroro chrollo lucifer A character who’s charismatic and charming, with no past and real family, Kuroro Lucifer (in some translations, “Chrollo Lucifer”) is perhaps the ultimate villain for an epic phenomena known as Hunter x Hunter.

Kuroro is the leader of the Genei Ryodan. He came from Ryuseigai, or “Meteor City”, the city of outcasts where people with no official records live. This is where he began to form the Genei Ryodan with 6 residences from Ryusegai.

Beautiful, clean, and simple cosplay. I really like his earrings and the book! Plus, this guy looks really good in a suit. Definitely a favorite in my book!


  1. What kind of earrings does he have ?

  2. No idea! But it really looks like the one in the anime/manga! Maybe it's made of glass?