25 August 2008

Lineage II: Gatekeeper Jasmine

unknown cosplay 006

Here is another unknown cosplay I’ve yet to figure out. Looking for her information took up some time, but I still came up with nothing. I can’t remember where I got this image from, but it might have been from Cosplay.com… Or was it Cosplaylab.com?

Not sure, but whoever knows where this character is from, feel free to comment and/or send me an email.

And yes, this is the 6th. The 5th one I’d already found out who she is before I posted it as an Unknown. ;)

EDIT: Thanks you very much to Soyoungim for commenting that this is Gatekeeper Jasmine from Lineage II!

EDIT again: Thanks to anon for directing me where the image came from! The cosplayer's name is Erika Door!


  1. This is very delayed but
    Character: Gatekeeper Jasmine
    from: Lineage II

  2. Oh, thank you very much! I'll edit this ASAP! :3

  3. Erika Door, I'd say:

  4. I knew this was from Cosplay.com! Thank you so much! Will link to the original photo! ^_^

  5. Its Carian Lora from Magna Carta (the game)