08 August 2008

The Prince of Tennis: Tezuka Kunimitsu

prince of tennis cosplay - tezuka kunimitsuI had forgotten that today was the beginning of the Beijing Olympics 2008.

As a celebration, how about a double feature? This time, from a sports theme anime, namely, The Prince of Tennis.

Tezuka is the captain of the Tennis Team of Seishun Academy. He is always serious, strict, and never smiles. He does not tolerate any kind of cheating and punishes anyone and everyone for doing so. Because of this, Tezuka is often mistaken to be older than his age, particularly, his team’s teacher instead of a fellow student.

I have a hard time telling whether this cosplayer’s a girl or a boy. Nevertheless, it’s a pretty accurate cosplay. Good luck to all the Beijing Olympics Participants!

EDIT: Thanks to anon for letting me know the cosplayer is Zephyus!


  1. --ahhahaha i'd know that face anywhere xD

    Here there be Zephyus!
    (that page has a bit of serious OutOfCharacterness though... read: air-guitar'ing-on-tennis-racket!Buchou. Because we're all full of crack over here, haha sorry. XD)

    But whoa cool, it's a bit belated but i'll let Zeph (who is also on DevArt actually) know about the feature. Thanks =D


  2. Thank you kindly, anon! I'll link back the cosplayer now. :)