21 August 2008

Final Fantasy X: Auron

final fanatasy x cosplay - auron This 35-year-old unsent warrior monk for Bevelle whose attack to Yunalesca led to his death, Auron is Tidus‘ Mentor and Yuna’s guardian. He kept his status of being an unsent a secret, although there were a lot of suspicions raised when he refused to enter the farplane at Guadosalam. He was eventually laid to rest when Yu Yevon was finally defeated.

I can’t believe how accurate this cosplay is! I love the costume’s details and the cosplayer’s attitude. Nice job!


  1. wow dude he looks just like the game

  2. Oh my god! This guy is great. He look just like the character in the game :)

  3. That guy is from a group on DeviantArt Called FightingDreamersPro

    AlternitiveUniverse on Da