29 April 2008

Inuyasha: Sesshomaru

inuyasha cosplay - sesshomaruSesshomaru is the older half-brother of Inuyasha. He is a full fledged Inu Yokai (Dog Demon, literal translation), and is usually stoic and hard to read.In the beginning of the series, he is a ruthless enemy of Inuyasha, wanting to take the Tetsusaiga from him, but Sesshomaru soon becomes compassionate towards Jaken, his servant, and Rin, an orphaned human who showed him kindness while he was injured.

This is a really beautiful cosplay of my favorite yokai of the series! He looks so peaceful, sleeping by the tree. No wonder Rin took a liking to him the moment she saw him.

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  1. OMG, i love the cosplay of sesshoumaru-sama, is so beautiful!!!! TT______________TT
    anyone knows de name of the cosplayer???
    I fall in love ~

  2. I don't know... But s/he makes a very beautiful, sleeping Sesshoumaru-sama. ^^

  3. I ahve seen more of Her ( unless she is a he... Because transvestites are common in Japan for Cosplaying and Modeling) Creations ^.<

  4. The cosplayers name is Ri Yue Yao

  5. hello, I'm playing on facebook to be another person. I invented a young Italian-Japanese albino, so I looking for pictures of cosplayers and I took your picture .. I can use it for a while '? if it is a problem take it off immediately, I'd use without permission is not never, but I hope that you let me take! however you are the best I've ever seen Sesshomaru <3

  6. Hey, Valeria!

    This is a reference site, so the cosplayer herself will not be able to reply. I don't think you should use other people's photos for your facebook account though?

    Anyway, I can't give you permission to use this photo since it's not mine... ^^; Hope you enjoy the site though!