02 April 2008

Saiunkoku Monogatari: Shi Seiran

saiunkoku monogatari cosplay / color cloud palace cosplay - she seiranThe exiled second brother of the emperor, Shi Ryuki, Shi Seiran, or Prince Seien, is a secretive man who is stubborn and not easily threatened by power. This, as well as his excellent swordsmanship and intellectual superiority made him the “flower” of the royal princes. He and his mother were exiled because his maternal grandfather conspired to make him the next emperor. This plot almost caused him his life, since the other royals who were fighting for the throne sent assassins to kill him.

Miraculously, he was spared from certain death. He was then taken in by the Ko household and became part of their family. It is because of this kindness that he has devoted his life to protecting the Ko Household, especially the daughter, Ko Shurei.

It’s so sad that Shurei and Seiran are not a couple. :( I want them to end up together, not Ryuki… But anyway, this is a really nice cosplay of Seiran, even if the cosplayer is a girl. 8)

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