27 February 2008

Bleach: Kyoraku Shunsui and Ise Nanao

bleach cosplay - kyoraku shunsui and ise nanao

Wait, wait, wait!!! This may be a feature on a Nanao cosplay, but that is not, I repeat, not me!
And now that everything is clear… :D

Kyoraku Shunsui is what would be known as a “lazy” captain. From what we know of him in the series so far, we is often drinking sake or sleeping, to the irritation of his lieutenant Ise Nanao. Nanao is a resourceful researcher with high respect towards her captain.

Apparently, when Nanao takes off her glasses, she can intimidate anyone, even Mayuri, Captain of the 12th squad.

Cute cosplay! This is probably the most accurate pair I’ve seen so far. Great job to both!


  1. that's a good cosplay!

  2. I'm impressed. :0 It's not too common that cosplayers have just the right looks to pull the character off. And the outfits look awesome too.

  3. i saw them at momo-con this year an they were really good. he even talked like the captain an was laid back

  4. I hope you got to take a photo with them! :D They really look like they came straight out of the manga pages!