08 February 2008

Fruits Basket: Honda Tohru

fruits basket cosplay - honda tohruThe protagonist that everyone in the Souma family seems to be drawn to, Honda Tohru was a homeless orphan who was adopted into Souma Shigure’s household by a twist of fate. She is classmates and friends with the famous prince of their school Souma Yuki, and is now living with him!

You can probably imagine the horrors she has to go through in school with Yuki’s fan club breathing down her neck.

Isn’t she cute? This cosplayer looks so much like Tohru! Aw… No wonder all the Souma family members (including Akito eventually) are drawn to her!


  1. This girl is tooo much!!! I wish there's a live action version with this girl!!! She's awesome!!

  2. I gotta agree with you there. She's one of the best Tohru's I've seen so far. :D

  3. That's the best Tohru I've seen so far. She looks better than the anime version, in my opinion. Of course, Tohru's not my favorite Furuba character. lol. She's too airheaded. But this girl is cute. :3

  4. Haha, same for me... But I still wish Yuki had ended up with Tohru instead of Kyo. :(