22 December 2015

Ribon no Kishi Musical

ribon no kishi / princess knight musicalOne of Tezuka Osamu’s most beloved series “Ribon no Kishi”, also known as “Princess Knight”, received a musical adaptation which performed last 3rd to 6th of December 2015 in Theater BRAVA! of Osaka. The musical was produced as a 60th anniversary project for Kodansha’s Nakayoshi shoujo magazine, where several manga series have been serialized back in the 1960’s.

The Main Cast includes:
  • Princess Sapphire: Ikuta Erika (Nogizaka46)
  • Prince Franz Charming: Kaminaga Keisuke (Yukimura Seiichi in The Prince of Tennis Musical)
  • Captain Blood: Tsunemori Aoki (Atobe Keigo in The Prince of Tennis Musical)
  • Hecate: Sakurai Reika (Nogizaka46)
  • Plastic: Akazawa Tomoru (Akutagawa Jiro in The Prince of Tennis Musical)
  • Tink: Kanda Airi (Chibiusa in Sailor Moon Musical)
I honestly think it’s pretty amazing how Japan has a lot of stage play / musicals based on anime and manga. And did you know that they even have glasses at the theatre that show subtitles in English, Chinese, or Korean? I guess the fans of this kind of theater is growing world wide acclaim! Thanks to Justine for sending this in!

Source: Crunchyroll

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