28 April 2015

Dangan Ronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc: Enoshima Junko

dangan ronpa: trigger happy havoc cosplay - enoshima junko by maki eracleaA young fashionista who took the country by storm with her extravagant tastes, Enoshima Junko had always wanted to be a model ever since she was a child. Her personality and mannerisms are extremely erratic and unstable, as she admits that keeping up one “appearance” for too long bores her. She is the younger twin sister of Ikusaba Mukuro and had an alternate identity known as Otonashi Ryoko.

Meet Italian cosplayer Maki Eraclea! Doesn’t she make an amazing Junko? Please head on over to her Facebook page and give her your support! Thanks to Maki for letting me post this!

Source: Maki Eraclea on Facebook

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