03 December 2014

Star Driver: Shindou Sugata

star driver cosplay - shindou sugataCalm, intelligent, and emotionally reserved, Shindou Sugata is a member of the Midnight Flight Club and the current Star Driver of the King Cybody, Samekh. He is the only one to successfully apprivoise Samekh, as previous candidates have fallen into a permanent coma. He became friends with Tsunashi Takuto despite distrusting him at first due to the manner of his arrival on the island.

I was thinking about featuring Novo again for cosplaying my character, Jeremy Chan from Crystal Shadows, when I came upon this image of Fukuyama Jun’s voice acting roles. Sugata’s small image in the middle caught my attention because I thought he looked like Jeremy and sure enough, Sugata even wore a violet vest in the series! So I’m just going to pretend all of the Sugatas I’ll be featuring in Cosplay Holic are cosplays of Jeremy, ok? It’ll definitely inspire me to draw faster! Haha!

Source: Kinlyu on World Cosplay

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