27 May 2013

Uta no Prince-sama: Shinomiya Natsuki and Kurusu Syo

uta no prince-sama cosplay shinomiya natsuki and kurusu syo by ryeain and angie
Source: Angie0_0 on Facebook
“Three, two, one, zero!”

On a rainbow-colored
Roller coaster,
We’ll surprise the world!
We’ll paint tomorrow with stardust!! Take my hand!

Life is showtime!
Smiles bring good fortune!
一緒に歌おう Beautiful days
Let’s sing together! Beautiful days!
最高へ Here we go!!
It’s the best! Here we go!!

“GO!x2 Jet Coaster”
Lyrics and Translation by
☽ Moonlit Sanctuary ☾

Another cute cosplay by Angie and this time, she is with her friend and fellow cosplayer, Ryeain! Please show them your support by liking their photo on Facebook!

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