21 May 2013

Hell Girl: Enma Ai 02

hell girl cosplay enma ai 2
Source: Crunchyroll
Because of what happened to her 400 years ago, Ai must now fulfill other people’s vengeance as her punishment. After the targeted person suffers hellish hallucinations which exploit their flaws and crimes, she appears to the condemned and recites the following:

Oh pitiful shadow lost in the darkness
bringing torment and pain to others
Oh damned soul wallowing in your sins
いっぺん... 死んで見る?
Perhaps… it is time to die?

Her task is completed once she ferries the person to Hell, making her a deliverer of people’s hatred and vengeance.

This is just creepy. It’s probably photoshoped, but having the same girl appear three times in one photo? Absolutely brilliant for this character. Thanks to Jane for sending this in!

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