04 June 2012

Fate/Stay Night: Tohsaka Rin 03

fate/stay night cosplay - tohsaka rin 3 by minato misa

Tohsaka Rin specializes in the transformation of energy, which include the storage of Mana in objects. Her preferred objects for mana storage are jewels which she regularly charges to bypass her body's natural energy limitations. Rin can detonate her jewels like well-timed bombs upon contact with her target, resulting in a release of energy equivalent to an attack rank of "A".

Cute cosplay by Japanese cosplayer, Minato Misa! I think looking good in a convention can be very difficult, especially when you’re cosplaying famous characters. Thanks to Jeannie for sending this in!

1 comment:

  1. AWESOME! She did a good job. I cosplayed as Rin too! XD