18 June 2010

Chrono Cross: Irenes

chrono cross cosplay - irenes

A mermaid hailing from the town of Marbule, Irenes’ goal is to convince Fargo to help save Marbule from the creatures that have resided there. Her sister, Zelbess, fell in love with Fargo, but died in a tragic death. This made Fargo vindictive against demi-humans like Irenes and forced them to work as slaves in his cruise ship, the S.S. Zelbess.

Beautiful cosplay by Xero! She made her costume is such a clever way that she can walk around with a mermaid tail! Excellent tailoring! Thanks to Syaza for sending this in!


  1. WHoa! That looks awesome! I just checked out her cosplay page and yeah! How she sew that tail is really clever! When I saw her photos I was like, 'Irenes is real!'

    Well, not really. But I can dream can't I? XD

  2. Cosplayers make the characters become real, so you could say this is a "dream come true", yes? ^_^