24 February 2010

Vocaloid: Meiko

vocaloid cosplay - meikoOne of the first Vocaloids created by Crypton Future Media, Meiko’s voice is based on a Japanese female singer, Haigou Meiko, whose singing is suitable for any musical genre. The anime character added on the box of the DTM (Desktop Music) software had nothing to do with the singer’s image, but her appearance had an appeal to the mainstream audience, selling the software quite well.

Beautiful cosplay! I love how she did her make-up and nails in Meiko’s signature red color. I wonder if this cosplay is from one of her music videos? Thanks to Lilica for sending this!


  1. wow!~ i love the costume, makeup, and the background is very nice too!

  2. Yeah, the eyes are especially pretty. Very impressive cosplay...the girl almost looks CG!

  3. "Epicurean Daughter of Evil, Conchita". Loved to eat the "baddest" of foods, had tasted everything. Including the cook when he asked for a vacation (poor Kaito) and the maid and butler when there was nothing else to eat (ah, pity them, Kagamine twins.)
    When even that failed...She ate herself. "The ultimate level of the baddest foods, she had tasted everything but in the end no one knew how how she tasted." Something like that. Hope that helps!

  4. Like anonymous said, it's from Conchita. No idea if it's an official music video or not, but it's very popular and the dress is nearly identical. Check it out: