19 March 2008

Yami no Matsuei: Kazutaka Muraki

yami no matsuei cosplay / descendants of darkness cosplay - kazutaka muraki

Yami no Matsuei or the Descendants of Darkness’ main antagonist, Kazutaka Muraki is a brilliant doctor who laments over losing the lives of his patients… as a cover to the fact that he’s actually a psychotic serial killer who plays with spirits, curses, and the dead.

Do you realize now why I’m so fascinated with him?

And what a brilliant photo this is! With the roses, it looks like he is meeting with Tsuzuki, his “prey”. I love the hair and his trench coat too! Fantastic cosplay!


  1. WoW awesome cosplay job, like seriously ^-^

  2. Stay's definitely one of the best out there. :)