18 March 2008

Gyakuten Saiban: Mitsurugi Reiji

gyakuten saiban cosplay / phoenix wright ace attorney cosplay - mitsurugi reiji / miles edgeworthMany people regard as the first bishounen (rough translation would be “pretty boy”, no pun intended!) of the Gyakuten Saiban series. Reiji is more commonly known as Miles Edgeworth, but since I’m loyal to the Japanese version, I’ll call him Reiji in my blog.

I can’t give much information about him unless I want to spoil the game play. All I can say is he’s a really good prosecutor with a kind heart, no matter how cold-hearted he may seem. The perfect rival for Naruhodo Ryuichi, aka Phoenix Wright!

I’m quite impressed with this cosplay. Though bitter disappointed to his fangirls since this cosplayer looks like a girl to me. But I’m assuming this. We all know I’ve been wrong before.

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1 comment:

  1. Yay it's Reiji! It seems that the suit is a little too red but, I'm not one to complain about minor details so it's still awesome.