02 January 2008

Lucky Star: Shiraishi Minoru and Kogami Akira

lucky star cosplay - shiraishi minoru and kogami akira I’m so sorry for not updating over the holidays… I’ve been quite ill for a while, and no one wants to spend the holidays sick in bed… But that’s how I spent my Christmas. :(

Anyway, I found a bunch of pretty awesome cosplays, and it’s a nice welcome for the new year to post a bunch of them to start of with, right?

This is the one I saw that was most amusing. You see, in the anime “Lucky Star”, there’s a special segment at the end of the show called “Lucky Channel”. The girl, Akira, is apparently an idol who can be super cute when she’s in the mood, and a huge pain when she’s mad. Minoru is her assistant, who became more famous than Akira, though this picture makes it look as if he’s trying to get a spot in the limelight!

Pretty accurate cosplay! Lucky Star rules!