15 December 2008

Unknown Entry 022

So technically, this week’s unknown cosplay is actually "known". But I’m a little confused.

unknown entry 022 - vampire knight night class shiki senri or kaname kuran

From the site info, this is Shiki Senri, Kaname’s younger cousin who works as a model along side Rima. But I asked a few people and they think he looks more like Kuran Kaname himself despite the red hair.

So I leave it up to you guys to decide. Is he cosplaying as Shiki, or as Kaname?

Thanks to andyRak for sharing the photo!


  1. for me he is kaname,,

  2. And I'm thinking Shiki. Shiki's hair is shorter and more reddish than Kaname's, so I'm seeing Shiki in this photo. Also, Kaname is usually a bit more regal, so I'm thinking that this is Shiki. That's just my opinion on it though.

  3. This is pretty much why it's so difficult to tell. xD Maybe he's just... random then?

  4. *gasp* It's....It's...KANAME!! If you think about it, Kaname's hair is a bit longer than Shiki's.
    Lol'd at the Yaoi-con logo in the corner.

  5. I'm seeing Shiki. Although they could have made his hair spikier.

  6. I think it's Shiki, too. I agree that Kaname is more regal and posed than Shiki, and this doesn't seem like a pose Kaname would allow for himself if pictures were being taken!

  7. With 3 votes on Shiki and 2 on Kaname, I guess it's still pretty close... Maybe I'll just leave this as an unknown. xD