19 October 2007

Di Gi Charat: Dejiko

di gi charat cosplay - dejiko Di Gi Charat, or Dejiko for short, is a cat girl and princess of Planet Di Gi Charat. She is 10-years-old, and she came to earth with the hopes of becoming an idol singer.

…ok, this cosplayer is obviously not 10-years-old. Add to the fact that Dejiko has green eyes and green hair… Why am I posting this cosplayer when there are a lot of inconsistencies to the anime character she’s portraying?


Because of the obvious fact that she’s cute. ^_^ No more… No less…


  1. I think I know this girl. She might be the Japanese actress 'Ryoko Hirosue'. She once acted in a movie with Jean Reno, 'Wasabi', as a teenage girl.

    Have to say, Ryoko Hirosue is so cute!

  2. An actress who cosplays?

    I suppose it's not that uncommon when I think about it... :D Even Hirano Aya "cosplayed" as Konata from Lucky Star. :3