02 October 2007

Dead or Alive: Kasumi

dead or alive cosplay - kasumiThis year’s Tokyo Game Show took place on September 22-23 in Japan. A lot of people were there for the game demos and releases, while others were there because of the cosplay.

Take NUTS!!!! for example. Randy, the blog’s author, was trying to decide whether or not he should take pictures and videos of the games, or the cosplay. In the end, he decided that cosplay should be his priority in taking photos of since people could simply access the official websites for the games.

This Dead or Alive cosplay was probably the best from his collection of photographs. I would think Randy agrees with me on this since he did take a lot of photos of her. And really, you don’t get to see a lot of good Kasumi cosplays everyday. (I don’t like the ones that make Kasumi look “bad” if you know what I mean).

Thanks for sharing your cosplay pictures, Randy!

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