21 June 2007

Bleach: Ishida Uryuu

bleach cosplay - ishida uryuuI got this image from Rukia was the one who found this image and gave a nice article about it…

I quote from the review:

Some die-hard BLEACH fans say that the black detailing should be blue, while others argue that he/she probably based it off of the manga. I?ve even heard of people complaining about the hair color.

To me, give it a rest people!!! Unless you yourself can cosplay better than this, I suggest critiques should keep their mouths shut! This Ishida in his Quincy outfit is g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s! So there! >:E

I have to agree with her… Also, I think this cosplayer is a girl. No confusion and/or arguments about it…


  1. me 2 and it a girl but who cares i love it


  2. It's so sad and frustrating when people criticize such great cosplayers like this one. Like what you quoted, could they have done any better? Don't think so. It's awesome enough. :D

  3. a girl I think; but she's making me question my sexuality because she's a smoldering Ishida

    And yeah critics can eat my poop... it's so easy to tear down but so hard to create something better.