21 March 2010

Loveless: Sagan Nagisa and Minami Ritsu

loveless cosplay - sagan nagisa and minami ritsuThe creator of the 2nd Generation Zero Pair, Nagisa has a strange relationship with Soubi's teacher, Ritsu. Although she tries her best to make it look as if she loathes his very existence, she blushes whenever Ritsu is near her, and even more so when he accidentally touches her. Although both have previously denied the affiliation with Nana no Tsuki or Septimal Moon, it is later revealed in the manga they are among the original members of the group.

Cute and daring cosplay! I've been looking for other characters from the series for a while. Ritsu really creeps me out though. Thanks to Harriet for sending this! And he knows Nagisa is cosplayed by Rippie, but does anyone know who the other cosplayer is?

EDIT: Welcome to Cosplay Holic, Rippie!


  1. Never would have expected to see these characters as cosplay! They look very nice. I agree, Ritsu is VERY creepy. X3

  2. Isn't he though? Then again, Seimei is creepier... after what he's done not only to Seimei but also to Soubi. =_=;;;

  3. Oh... Unexpected x3
    Thank you)))

  4. Hi, Rippie! Do you have a website I can link you to? :3

  5. Yeap)))