19 April 2014

Sword Art Online: Kirito 08

sword art online cosplay - kirito 8

Even as I’ve acknowledged my cowardly past
I still act so scared like I don't understand a thing
Now, my past is being projected into the present

Countless skies I’ve painted
Surely here is where my fleeting heart gets unsettled

“Crossing Field”
Lyrics and Translation by Anime Lyrics

The effects on this photo make it look as if the cosplayer is actually in the virtual reality MMORPG, Sword Art Online! I’d love to try out photo manipulation like this for some of the cosplay photos I took from conventions. Maybe when I get a good action shot? Thanks again to Genie for sending this in!

Source: SAO 52pk

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  1. Sword Art Online is my favorite anime, and kirito is the first male character that i fall in love. I really like Sword Art Online Kirito cosplay costume