01 April 2014

Princess Tutu: Fakir and Princess Tutu

princess tutu cosplay - fakir and princess tutu by karunalyy and lydiaFakir is Drosselmeyer’s descendant who became the reincarnated Knight of Drosselmeyer’s story. Fakir later realized that he too had the ability to bend reality with his writing, but only when he is writing stories about Ahiru. Although he was initially harsh towards her, Fakir eventually fell in love with Ahiru and promised to stay by her side forever.

Karunalyy makes a rather handsome looking Fakir, and Lydia makes a cute Princess Tutu! I don’t know Lydia’s World Cosplay account, but please do pay Karunalyy a visit to show your support! Thanks again to Lain for sending this in!

Source: Karunalyy on World Cosplay

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