01 August 2013

Fate/Stay Night: Gilgamesh – Reverse Female Version

fate stay night cosplay gilgamesh female genderbender
Source: I love Anime on Facebook
Gilgamesh was the great half-god, half-human king born from the union between the King of Uruk, Lugalbanda, and goddess Rimat-Ninsun. He is said to be the King of Heroes who possessed all things in the world and was destined to achieve great feats. As a Servant, he is among the Archer-class with the “Gate of Babylon” as his Nobel Phantasm.

The reverse female version of Gilgamesh was first seen in Type-Moon Ace volume 5, a Comp Ace magazine spinoff published by Kadokawa Shoten.

That’s indeed is a very lovely version of Gilgamesh. And in case you’d like to see the original illustration for comparison, it’s here on Type-Moon’s Wikia. Thanks to Clarence for sending this in!

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