29 June 2013

Trinity Blood: Astharoshe Asran

trinity blood cosplay astharoshe asran by poka
Source: Poka Cosplayer on Facebook
The Viscountess of Odessa and Duchess of Kiev, Astharoshe “Astha” Asran is a Methuselah who is an undercover agent for the New Human Empire. She is a direct individual who does not tolerate any form of nonsense. She once had a low opinion on terrans thanks to the Empire’s propaganda and has had little exposure to them. However, after her mission to capture Endre Kourza in Venice, her views have slowly began to change little by little.

A very detailed cosplay of Astha by Vietnamese cosplayer, Poka! I’m surprised to see this cosplayer was done in February 2013 at Touch Fes. Trinity Blood is quite an old series, isn’t it? Thanks to Gracie for sending this in!

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