15 February 2012

Vocaloid: Meiko 05

vocaloid cosplay - meiko 5胸を合わせ さぁ踊ろう
Now let's dance, our hearts connected
恋が生まれる lala
That's how love is born, lala
息を合わせ 手を重ねて
Let's match our breaths and join our hands
And tell of our love
瞳合わせ さぁ踊ろう
Now let's dance, our eyes connected
夢が生まれる ahah
That's how dreams are born, ahah
声を合わせ さぁ今こそ
We'll unite our voices, yes now is the time
That's how a song is born

“Towa no Choir” Lyrics and Translation by

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Have fun clicking! And thanks again to Billy for sending me this wonderful cosplay of Meiko!


  1. I just came across kosupurei.blogspot.com and I want to say: "What a beautiful picture!" I will surely contact you if we need a professional photographer.

  2. I have a feeling this cosplayer is Tasha.

    But, she is pretty regardless.

  3. I think that's a pretty good guess. :D I should label this~