07 September 2011

Hakuoki ~Shinsengumi Kitan~: Okita Souji 02

hakuoki ~shinsengumi kitan~ cosplay - okita souji 2

In a battle against Chikage Kazama, Okita Souji began coughing blood and was later diagnosed with tuberculosis. Yukimura Chizuru tried to stop Okita from fighting, but quickly became Chikage’s target. Okita told Chikage that he is his opponent, and Chikage told him that his job was already done when Okita first arrived. Chikage then vanished, leaving Okita who collapsed from his illness.

Stunning cosplay! Too bad we have no idea who the cosplayer is. Thanks again to Kyle for sending this in!


  1. Never watched the anime before, but the picture alone looks beautiful and seductive XD

  2. I haven't seen the anime either! But this cosplay is making me curious. *u*;;;