08 May 2011

Naruto: Uchiha Sasuke and Uchiha Itachi 02

naruto cosplay - uchiha sasuke and uchiha itachi 2

Uchiha Itachi has a dispassionate appearance, rarely showing his emotions and even managing to keep his composure when surprised or irritated. However, he is consistently hostile towards his brother Sasuke, to the point of breaking Sasuke's wrist and ridiculing him for being weak on their first encounter after the destruction of the Uchiha village. Itachi’s mask proved to be nothing more than a facade, as he merely wished for Sasuke’s safety and used an evil persona to strengthen Sasuke’s resolution to kill him.

Would it not have been better if they got along and the war never occurred? I think they would have become fine ninjas together. Thanks to Gagi for sending this!

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