18 August 2010

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 Cast

shin megami tenset: persona 4 cosplayIn the fictional town of Inaba, unexplained murders have taken place where the bodies were found dangling among television antennas with the victims dying of unknown causes. A group of high school students followed a rumor stating that watching a switched-off television set will reveal a person’s soul mate. They discovered a fog-shrouded world with monsters called Shadows. They also discovered their Shadow Selves to be their suppressed personalities and confronting them awakened their ability to summon beings known as Personas. Together, they formed an investigative team to find the connection between the TV World and the murders occurring in their town.

Dees and her friends are the characters featured in this cosplay. I’m not familiar with the game, so I’m not sure who’s who. Anyone care to name all the characters in the photo? Thanks to Rivkin for sending this!


  1. Silver haired is the Main Protag, red jacket is Yukiko Amagi, green jacket is Chie Satonaka, one uptop with the headphones is Yosuke Hanamura, girl with the red/pink-ish is Rise Kujikawa, and the girl in the back with the hat is Naoto Shirogane.

  2. ...wow.

    Good thing I didn't name them. xD I think I would have mistaken one or two. >.<;;;

  3. Great group cosplay, but a bit disappointing to see Kanji and Teddy Missing.

  4. Dito. At least Kanji or Human Teddie. But still a very great cosplay. The only thing that half asked it for me was no glasses...
    : (

  5. Great cosplay...but no glasses!
    WAAA! Plus the lack of Kanji and Teddie makes this cosplay...a bit empty for me. But those who are there really shine out don't they?

  6. Thank goodness some bloggers can write. My thanks for this read...