17 August 2010

Gyakuten Saiban 4: Arumajiki Baran, Arumajiki Yumi, and Arumajiki Zakku

gyakuten saiban 4 (apollo justice: ace attorney) cosplay - arumajiki baran (valant gramarye), arumajiki yumi (thalassa gramarye), and arumajiki zakku (zak gramarye)

Baran (Valant), Yumi (Thalassa), and Zakku (Zak) are members of the trio of the Gramarye Troupe. When Zak was accused of Arumajiki Tensai’s (Magnifi Gramarye’s) murder, Zak had to leave his daughter under the care of Naruhodo Ryuichi (Phoenix Wright), who was Zakku’s lawyer at the time. The incident left Baran to revive the popularity of the Gramarye Troupe on his own.

Very cool cosplay! Though I wish we could see Baran’s face, Zakku’s expression is priceless. Thanks to Ophelia for sending this in!


  1. Judging by the hair the middle one looks like Thalassa not Trucy. Their outfits are pretty much identical. I would use the Japanese names but I'm not to familiar with them.

  2. Ahaha, you're right! I didn't realize that... Thank you for the correction!