10 April 2010

Macross Frontier: Ranka Lee and Sheryl Nome

unknown cosplay 47 / macross frontier cosplay - ranka lee and sheryl nome

MoeHaku certainly has a lot of great looking cosplays.

I could be wrong, but I think these two are probably from Macross Frontier; Ranka Lee and Sheryl Nome respectively, minus the anime-colored hair. Since I'm not entirely sure, I decided to put them in the Unknown Section for now and see what you guys think.

Thanks to Macabre-hime for sending this in!

EDIT: Thank to Afiqah


  1. the cosplay is no doubt from macross frontier
    but i guess the hair color just make us think twice
    probably their intention wasnt to cosplay that character because i think the attire was bought instead of self-sewn

  2. As Afiqah said, the costumes are no doubt Ranka and Sheryl, the hair I think it just random. Probably cosplayed them because the outfits are cute or some reason like that. >_>


  3. Thanks, Afiqah, Anna! Sorry it took me so long to edit. ^^;