01 April 2010

Kuroshitsuji: Drocell Cainz

kuroshitsuji cosplay - drocell cainz by r.d. of deviant artA character who only appeared in the anime adaptation, Drocell Cainz used the Hope Diamond in order to kidnap chosen girls and turn them into dolls. He lured Elizabeth Middleford, Ciel's cousin and fiance, with the lullaby "London Bridge" from his music box. Drocell claims to be human but later had "white stuff" falling from his ear suggesting that he too was a mere puppet controlled his master, who is still unknown at this point.

Cosplayer ~fxxkanddie R.D. makes a beautiful Drocell and it's the Visual Kei version too! Beautiful photography by *Fantastiqueist! Thanks for sharing this and Happy April Fools everyone!


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  2. woot~
    I totally love this character`
    wish they were wearing the anime uniform
    (black is from an art page from the manga)

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  5. St. Arcana: Just to let you know, R.D. has requested to remove your comment, as well as mine. :) I hope you understand!