27 January 2010

K-On!: Hirasawa Yui

k-on! cosplay - hirasawa yui

Clumsy and easily spaces out from time to time, Yui is very passionate about playing the guitar and plays with amazing amounts of energy. She is very talented in music, able to tune her guitar without the aid of a tuner and can has perfect pitch, making her the vocalist of the group. However, she has been known to forget the lyrics of the song in mid-performance.

Cute Yui from Winter Comiket! I’m not familiar with K-On!, so maybe someone can tell me why she has clappers (I think that’s what they’re called anyway)? Thanks to Aya-chan for sending this in!


  1. Before enter the club, where she learns to play guitar, the only contact that hirasawa-san had with music were clappers. She thinks she will play something like this in the club, but ends with a guitar anyway...

  2. Oh, haha~ That's so cute! So Yui is really gifted to have learned the guitar so quickly!

  3. hi, have u heard about danny choo?
    u shud go to his website.
    recently his posting about an event called otacool 2. check out this post

    dis are the photos sent by cosplayers themselves around the world. dey even link it to their own website. do take a loook x)

  4. Thanks for the tip. I'll be sure to look over the site, and yeah, I've heard of him. ^_^ It's almost impossible not to hear about him when you're an Otaku. xD

  5. I believe they're called castanets.