07 September 2009

Zone-00: Okino Miyoko

unknown cosplay 034 from japan comiket 2009 zone-00 cosplay - okino miyoko / majokoI have a sinking feeling I should know this character.

I recall seeing a game cover with a girl portrait on it, looking eerily similar to this cosplayer. However, I'm also pretty sure that game's model had more eye make-up on her.

Does anyone know which one I'm talking about? It's a fairly recent game I believe.

Anyway, if anyone knows who this cosplayer is, drop me a note? As well as any other unknown cosplay I might still have in this category. Thanks! I appreciate it very much!

EDIT: Thanks to anon who commented saying this is from the manga series, Zone-00!


  1. I think you mean Mirror's Edge. She looks pretty similar to her.

  2. Oh yeah, definitely Mirror's Edge!

    But unfortunately, it's not this cosplayer either. How sad. :c

  3. er..think she's from zone-00.

  4. Thanks Anon! I'll edit this immediately. ^_^

  5. Yes, this is Okino Mayoko from ZONE-00! The manga is fairly new so there is barley any cosplay out there, a rare find. She looks amazing. :3