18 August 2009

Touhou Project: Cirno

Ok, guys? Thank you so much for flooding me with this year's Comiket pictures. There are so many that I really have no idea who the real source of the pictures are, so please do let me know if you're the photographer or the cosplayer and I will gladly link back to your site, thank you!

And I will feature as many as I possibly can, too!

touhou project cosplay - cirno from comiket 2009

Or Cirno would be very mad at me.

She is the stage 2 boss of Touhou Project, the ice fairy that lives on the lake surrounding Scarlet Devil Mansion. Don't let her cute looks fool you, as her hobbies include freezing frogs and watching them revive as they thaw out. That is, if she doesn't shatter them to pieces first.

Awesome cosplay... and it would be nice to see the Hiiragi Tsukasa and Hiiragi Kagami's photos too, if anyone has it?


  1. kawaii!! this cosplay is amazing!! 5/5!!

  2. Cirno looks pretty real!