21 August 2009

Gundam Seed: Lacus Clyne 03

gundam seed cosplay - lacus clyne 04Near the end of the Bloody Valentine War, Lacus leaves the PLANTs in a stolen support ship known as the Eternal. Hers, along with Orb Union's Kusanagi, and the Archangel, form the Three Ships Alliance, dedicating themsleves to stop the war. In the final battle, she tried to persuade both sides to stop fighting, but she unfortunately fails.

Lacus has been known to have the ability to go into SEED mode when she goes to battle. However, only her pupils become dilated, and no symbolic seed explosion has ever been seen.

Another cosplayer from this year's Comiket! Lacus is practically one of my most favorite characters in the series, but she became less prominent in the sequel, Gundam Seed Destiny. I do love this outfit of hers more than the original one. Great work!


  1. haha i love the second gundam seed attire lacus has than the first one too

  2. Hee~ Glad someone agrees with me~