12 August 2009

D. Gray-Man: Kanda Yu and Allen Walker

A pair of comrades who always seem to end up at each other's throats, Kanda Yu was the first Exorcist Allen Walker met in the Black Order Headquarters. While Allen's anti-akuma weapon is the parasitic Crowned Clown that takes the shape of either a giant arm, or a fur cape and claw, Kanda has Mugen, the katana he's holding.

I had to crop the photo so that I could make it fit in my blog, but I hope the photographer doesn't mind too much! It's a really nice shot of the two cosplayers, who both did an awesome job at their costumes and accessories. Great work!


  1. that kanda is awesome, loved all the way <3

    what kind of fabric is that? leather, maybe? or a lighter type .-. anyway, this uniform is really neat =3

  2. kanda looks beautiful

  3. Kanda doesnt have two swords in his two sword illusion that may be the only time but the second isnt real...great cosplay of him though allen needs some work though xD

  4. nice but allens anti-akuma wepon/his arm expands to his shoulder