22 December 2015

Ribon no Kishi Musical

ribon no kishi / princess knight musicalOne of Tezuka Osamu’s most beloved series “Ribon no Kishi”, also known as “Princess Knight”, received a musical adaptation which performed last 3rd to 6th of December 2015 in Theater BRAVA! of Osaka. The musical was produced as a 60th anniversary project for Kodansha’s Nakayoshi shoujo magazine, where several manga series have been serialized back in the 1960’s.

The Main Cast includes:
  • Princess Sapphire: Ikuta Erika (Nogizaka46)
  • Prince Franz Charming: Kaminaga Keisuke (Yukimura Seiichi in The Prince of Tennis Musical)
  • Captain Blood: Tsunemori Aoki (Atobe Keigo in The Prince of Tennis Musical)
  • Hecate: Sakurai Reika (Nogizaka46)
  • Plastic: Akazawa Tomoru (Akutagawa Jiro in The Prince of Tennis Musical)
  • Tink: Kanda Airi (Chibiusa in Sailor Moon Musical)
I honestly think it’s pretty amazing how Japan has a lot of stage play / musicals based on anime and manga. And did you know that they even have glasses at the theatre that show subtitles in English, Chinese, or Korean? I guess the fans of this kind of theater is growing world wide acclaim! Thanks to Justine for sending this in!

Source: Crunchyroll

21 December 2015

Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge: Hsien-Ko (Lei-Lei)

night warriors: darkstalkers' revenge cosplay - hsien-ko (lei-lei)Hsien-Ko, also known as Lei-Lei in the Japanese version, first appeared in “Night Warriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge”. Her character is based on the Chinese hopping vampire, the Jiang Shi, who are actually more like zombies than vampires as the Western world knows them.

Hsien-Ko has an older twin sister named Mei-Ling, who is called Lin-Lin in the Japan. The two appear to be fraternal twins as they do not share the same appearance. However, Hsien-Ko had always appeared to be a Jiang Shi while her sister was among the living.

Well that certainly explains why her skin is blue in the game! She supposedly the undead! But I think she’s cute enough (and busty enough) that the guys won’t complain about the lack of blue make up, yes? Thanks to Vagabond for sharing this!

20 December 2015

RahXephon: The RahXephon

rahxephon cosplay - the rahxephonThe RahXephon is a bipedal, humanoid mecha born from an egg in the underground ruins of Tokyo. It is several stories tall, immensely strong, and is capable of unassisted flight. This mecha is connected physically, mentally, and emotionally to its instrumentalist, Kamina Ayato.

It is later revealed that the RahXephon was created by Ernst von Bähbem as a tool for re-tuning the world. Ayato succeeded in becoming one with the RahXephon and re-tuned the world so that the great dimensional split never happened and Tokyo Jupiter never existed.

Mecha cosplays are always really impressive to me, because most of the time, the cosplayers make these armors themselves! Talk about dedication to their craft! And I’m pretty sure those suits can’t be all that comfortable and easy to move in. Thanks to Tempura-sama for sharing this!

Source: Crunchyroll

18 December 2015

Trinity Blood: Augusta Vradica / Seth Nightroad 04

trinity blood cosplay - augusta vradica / seth nightroad by mitsuyaIn the manga, Seth Nightroad was first introduced as a tea seller in Andolu, a small area where Terrans reside in the New Human Empire. She convinces Ion to buy tea from her and later helps them locate Mimir’s medicine shop. She later introduces herself to Ion and Esther, and Ion comments how her name sounds like a boy’s name, wondering is her parents were hoping for a boy. Seth shrugs, saying she already has two older brothers, secretly pertaining to Cain and Abel.

At the end of the Night Lords Arc, Ion is horrified at the revelation that the tea seller he addressed as “girl” was actually the Empress, Augusta Vradica.

Japanese cosplayer Mitsuya (蜜也) looks absolutely stunning as Seth! I bet that costume took a lot of work to finish! Please be sure to support the cosplayer in her Archive account! Thanks to Zoe for sending this in!

11 December 2015

Sailor Moon S - Princess Cast

sailor moon s cosplay princess senshi cast by n.e project三日月のシャーレに
I take off my star earrings
and place them in the crescent moon dish
どうしよう 胸が 胸がいっぱい
What should I do? My heart is, my heart is filled to the top
Even if these fireworks turn into stars
Even if our love disappears into darkness
おねがいよ キスを やめないで
I beg you, please don’t stop your kisses

ビロードの香りで ぬすんでもいい
You can steal me away with your scent of velvet.
このハート銀河で であった恋よ
This is the love my heart found in the galaxy.

夜ふけのマント 広げれば虹色
When the mantle of evening spreads out, it's in rainbow colors
もっと もっと あいしてる
I love you more and more

Tuxedo mirage
Tuxedo mirage

“Tuxedo Mirage”
Lyrics and Translation by Anime Lyrics

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